34°40′34″N 32°50′15″E / 34.676°N 32.8375°E / 34.676; 32.8375

Episkopi Cantonment
Φρουρά Επισκοπής (Greek), Episkopi Kantonu (Turkish)
Episkopi Cantonment in Akrotiri
Episkopi Cantonment in Akrotiri
Etymology: The word 'Episkopi' comes from the Greek word Επισκοπικός meaning "Episcopal."
TerritoryAkrotiri and Dhekelia
Overseas territoryBritish Overseas Territory
Base AreaWestern Sovereign Base Area (Akrotiri)

Episkopi Cantonment (Greek: Φρουρά Επισκοπής, Turkish: Episkopi Kantonu) is the capital of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, a British overseas territory on the island of Cyprus, administered as a military base. It is located in the northwestern part of the Western Sovereign Base Area (Akrotiri), one of the two areas which comprise the territory. Although it is not the largest of the British military bases on the island, it is home to both the civilian and military administration headquarters of the Sovereign Base Areas. Episkopi is the current command centre of British Forces Cyprus.[1]


The word 'Episkopi' in Episkopi Cantonment's name comes from the Greek word Επισκοπικός meaning "Episcopal." The cantonment was named so due to the site previously serving as the bishop's seat of an Orthodox diocese.[2]


Paved motorways and other smaller roads connect the cantonment area with the rest of Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

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