Nebraska's congressional districts since 2023[1]

These are tables of congressional delegations from Nebraska to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

The current dean of the Nebraska delegation is Representative Adrian Smith (NE-3), having served in the House since 2007.

U.S. House of Representatives

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Current members

List of members, their terms in office, district boundaries, and the district political ratings according to the CPVI. The delegation has 3 members, all Republicans.

Current U.S. representatives from Nebraska
District Member
Party Incumbent since CPVI
District map
Mike Flood
Republican June 28, 2022 R+9
Don Bacon
Republican January 3, 2017 EVEN
Adrian Smith
Republican January 3, 2007 R+29

Delegate from Nebraska Territory

Congress Delegate
33rd (1853–1855) Napoleon Bonaparte
34th (1855–1857) Bird Beers Chapman (D)
35th (1857–1859) Fenner Ferguson (D)
36th (1859–1861) Experience Estabrook (D)
Samuel Gordon Daily (R)
37th (1861–1863)
38th (1863–1865)
39th (1865–1867) Phineas Hitchcock (R)

1867–1883: One seat

Congress At-large
39th (1867)[4] Turner M. Marquett (R)
40th (1867–1869) John Taffe (R)
41st (1869–1871)
42nd (1871–1873)
43rd (1873–1875) Lorenzo Crounse (R)
44th (1875–1877)
45th (1877–1879) Frank Welch (R)
Thomas Jefferson Majors (R)
46th (1879–1881) Edward K. Valentine (R)
47th (1881–1883)

1883–1893: Three seats

Congress 1st district 2nd district 3rd district
48th (1883–1885) Archibald J. Weaver (R) James Laird (R) Edward K. Valentine (R)
49th (1885–1887) George W. E. Dorsey (R)
50th (1887–1889) John A. McShane (D)
51st (1889–1891) William James Connell (R)
Gilbert L. Laws (R)
52nd (1891–1893) William Jennings Bryan (D) William A. McKeighan (Pop) Omer M. Kem (Pop)

1893–1933: Six seats

1933–1943: Five seats

Congress 1st district 2nd district 3rd district 4th district 5th district
73rd (1933–1935) John H. Morehead (D) Edward R. Burke (D) Edgar Howard (D) Ashton C.
Terry Carpenter (D)
74th (1935–1937) Henry C. Luckey (D) Charles F.
Karl Stefan (R) Charles Binderup (D) Harry B. Coffee (D)
75th (1937–1939)
76th (1939–1941) George H. Heinke (R) Carl Curtis (R)
John Hyde Sweet (R)
77th (1941–1943) Oren S. Copeland

1943–1963: Four seats

Congress 1st district 2nd district 3rd district 4th district
78th (1943–1945) Carl Curtis (R) Howard Buffett (R) Karl Stefan (R) Arthur L. Miller (R)
79th (1945–1947)
80th (1947–1949)
81st (1949–1951) Eugene D. O'Sullivan (D)
82nd (1951–1953) Howard Buffett (R)
R. D. Harrison (R)
83rd (1953–1955) Roman Hruska (R)
84th (1955–1957) Phil Weaver (R) Jackson B. Chase (R)
85th (1957–1959) Glenn Cunningham (R)
86th (1959–1961) Lawrence Brock (D) Donald McGinley (D)
87th (1961–1963) Ralph F. Beermann (R) David Martin (R)

1963–present: Three seats

U.S. Senate

Current U.S. senators from Nebraska

CPVI (2022):[5]
Class I senator Class II senator

Deb Fischer
(Senior senator)

Pete Ricketts
(Junior senator)
Party Republican Republican
Incumbent since January 3, 2013 January 12, 2023

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Democratic (D)
Populist (Pop)
Republican (R)
Independent (I)

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