These are tables of congressional delegations from Oregon to the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives.

The current Oregon delegation consists of 5 congressmen and 2 senators serving in the 117th United States Congress. The dean of the current delegation is Senator Ron Wyden, having served in the Senate since 1996 and in Congress since 1981.

Oregon acquired a 6th congressional district following the 2020 census, which will add an additional congressman to the delegation starting in 2023 as part of the 118th United States Congress.

United States Senate

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Class II senator Congress Class III senator
Delazon Smith (D) 35th (1859) Joseph Lane (D)
vacant 36th (1859–1861)
Edward Dickinson Baker (R)
37th (1861–1863) James Nesmith (D)
Benjamin Stark (D)
Benjamin F. Harding (D)
38th (1863–1865)
George Henry Williams (R) 39th (1865–1867)
40th (1867–1869) Henry W. Corbett (R)
41st (1869–1871)
James K. Kelly (D) 42nd (1871–1873)
43rd (1873–1875) John H. Mitchell (R)
44th (1875–1877)
La Fayette Grover (D) 45th (1877–1879)
46th (1879–1881) James H. Slater (D)
47th (1881–1883)
Joseph N. Dolph (R) 48th (1883–1885)
49th (1885–1887) vacant
John H. Mitchell (R)
50th (1887–1889)
51st (1889–1891)
52nd (1891–1893)
53rd (1893–1895)
George W. McBride (R) 54th (1895–1897)
55th (1897–1899) vacant
Joseph Simon (R)
56th (1899–1901)
John H. Mitchell (R) 57th (1901–1903)
58th (1903–1905) Charles William Fulton (R)
59th (1905–1907)
John M. Gearin (D)
Frederick W. Mulkey (R)
Jonathan Bourne Jr. (R) 60th (1907–1909)
61st (1909–1911) George Earle
62nd (1911–1913)
Harry Lane (D) 63rd (1913–1915)
64th (1915–1917)
65th (1917–1919)
Charles L. McNary (R)
Frederick W. Mulkey (R)
Charles L. McNary (R)
66th (1919–1921)
67th (1921–1923) Robert N. Stanfield (R)
68th (1923–1925)
69th (1925–1927)
70th (1927–1929) Frederick Steiwer (R)
71st (1929–1931)
72nd (1931–1933)
73rd (1933–1935)
74th (1935–1937)
75th (1937–1939)
Alfred E. Reames (D)
Alexander G. Barry (R)
76th (1939–1941) Rufus C. Holman (R)
77th (1941–1943)
78th (1943–1945)
Guy Cordon (R)
79th (1945–1947) Wayne Morse (R)
80th (1947–1949)
81st (1949–1951)
82nd (1951–1953)
Wayne Morse (I)
83rd (1953–1955)
Richard L. Neuberger (D) 84th (1955–1957) Wayne Morse (D)
85th (1957–1959)
86th (1959–1961)
Hall S. Lusk (D)
Maurine Neuberger (D)
87th (1961–1963)
88th (1963–1965)
89th (1965–1967)
Mark Hatfield (R) 90th (1967–1969)
91st (1969–1971) Bob Packwood (R)
92nd (1971–1973)
93rd (1973–1975)
94th (1975–1977)
95th (1977–1979)
96th (1979–1981)
97th (1981–1983)
98th (1983–1985)
99th (1985–1987)
100th (1987–1989)
101st (1989–1991)
102nd (1991–1993)
103rd (1993–1995)
104th (1995–1997)
Ron Wyden (D)
Gordon H. Smith (R) 105th (1997–1999)
106th (1999–2001)
107th (2001–2003)
108th (2003–2005)
109th (2005–2007)
110th (2007–2009)
Jeff Merkley (D) 111th (2009–2011)
112th (2011–2013)
113th (2013–2015)
114th (2015–2017)
115th (2017–2019)
116th (2019–2021)
117th (2021–2023)

U.S. House of Representatives

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1849–1859: One non-voting delegate

See also: Oregon Territory's at-large congressional district

Congress Delegate
31st (1849–1851) Samuel Thurston (D)
32nd (1851–1853) Joseph Lane (D)
33rd (1853–1855)
34th (1855–1857)
35th (1857–1859)

1859–1893: One seat

After statehood on February 14, 1859, Oregon had one seat, elected at-large statewide.

Congress At-large representative
35th (1859) La Fayette Grover (D)
36th (1859–1861) Lansing Stout (D)
37th (1861–1863) Andrew J. Thayer (D)
George K. Shiel (D)
38th (1863–1865) John R. McBride (R)
39th (1865–1867) James H. D. Henderson (R)
40th (1867–1869) Rufus Mallory (R)
41st (1869–1871) Joseph Showalter Smith (D)
42nd (1871–1873) James H. Slater (D)
43rd (1873–1875) Joseph G. Wilson[1] (R)
James Nesmith (D)
44th (1875–1877) George Augustus La Dow[1] (D)
Lafayette Lane (D)
45th (1877–1879) Richard Williams (R)
46th (1879–1881) John Whiteaker (D)
47th (1881–1883) Melvin Clark George (R)
48th (1883–1885)
49th (1885–1887) Binger Hermann (R)
50th (1887–1889)
51st (1889–1891)
52nd (1891–1893)

1893–1913: Two seats

Starting in 1893, Oregon had two seats, elected in districts.

Congress District
1st 2nd
53rd (1893–1895) Binger Hermann (R) William R. Ellis (R)
54th (1895–1897)
55th (1897–1899) Thomas H. Tongue (R)
56th (1899–1901) Malcolm A. Moody (R)
57th (1901–1903)
58th (1903–1905) John N. Williamson (R)
Binger Hermann (R)
59th (1905–1907)
60th (1907–1909) Willis C. Hawley (R) William R. Ellis (R)
61st (1909–1911)
62nd (1911–1913) Walter Lafferty (R)

1913–1943: Three seats

Congress District
1st 2nd 3rd
63rd (1913–1915) Willis C. Hawley (R) Nicholas J. Sinnott (R) Walter Lafferty (R)
64th (1915–1917) Clifton N. McArthur (R)
65th (1917–1919)
66th (1919–1921)
67th (1921–1923)
68th (1923–1925) Elton Watkins (D)
69th (1925–1927) Maurice E. Crumpacker (R)
70th (1927–1929)
Robert R. Butler (R) Franklin F. Korell (R)
71st (1929–1931)
72nd (1931–1933) Charles Martin (D)
73rd (1933–1935) James W. Mott (R) Walter M. Pierce (D)
74th (1935–1937) William A. Ekwall (R)
75th (1937–1939) Nan Wood Honeyman (D)
76th (1939–1941) Homer D. Angell (R)
77th (1941–1943)

1943–1983: Four seats

Congress District
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
78th (1943–1945) James W. Mott (R) Lowell Stockman (R) Homer D. Angell (R) Harris Ellsworth (R)
79th (1945–1947)
A. Walter Norblad (R)
80th (1947–1949)
81st (1949–1951)
82nd (1951–1953)
83rd (1953–1955) Sam Coon (R)
84th (1955–1957) Edith Green (D)
85th (1957–1959) Al Ullman (D) Charles O. Porter (D)
86th (1959–1961)
87th (1961–1963) Edwin Durno (R)
88th (1963–1965) Robert B. Duncan (D)
Wendell Wyatt (R)
89th (1965–1967)
90th (1967–1969) John R. Dellenback (R)
91st (1969–1971)
92nd (1971–1973)
93rd (1973–1975)
94th (1975–1977) Les AuCoin (D) Robert B. Duncan (D) Jim Weaver (D)
95th (1977–1979)
96th (1979–1981)
97th (1981–1983) Denny Smith (R) Ron Wyden (D)

1983–2022: Five seats

Congress District
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
98th (1983–1985) Les AuCoin (D) Bob Smith (R) Ron Wyden (D) Jim Weaver (D) Denny Smith (R)
99th (1985–1987)
100th (1987–1989) Peter DeFazio (D)
101st (1989–1991)
102nd (1991–1993) Mike Kopetski (D)
103rd (1993–1995) Elizabeth Furse (D)
104th (1995–1997) Wes Cooley (R) Jim Bunn (R)
105th (1997–1999) Bob Smith (R) Darlene Hooley (D)
106th (1999–2001) David Wu (D) Greg Walden (R)
107th (2001–2003)
108th (2003–2005)
109th (2005–2007)
110th (2007–2009)
111th (2009–2011) Kurt Schrader (D)
112th (2011–2013)
113th (2013–2015)
114th (2015–2017)
115th (2017–2019)
116th (2019–2021)
117th (2021–2023) Cliff Bentz (R)
Congress 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th


Democratic (D)
Republican (R)
Independent (I)


  1. ^ a b Died before Congress assembled.