West Virginia's congressional districts since 2023[1]

These are tables of congressional delegations from West Virginia to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

The current dean of the West Virginia delegation is Senator Shelley Moore Capito, having served in the Senate since 2015 and in Congress since 2001.

From June 1861 to June 1863, during the Civil War and before West Virginia statehood, the United States recognized the Restored Government of Virginia sitting in Wheeling as the "legitimate", pro-Union government of Virginia. Also called the Reorganized Government of Virginia, it controlled a contiguous area roughly the same as present-day West Virginia, along with parts of Northern Virginia and Tidewater. The rest of Virginia was under Confederate military control, with a state government in Richmond, and did not send representatives to Congress. The legislature in Wheeling chose two U.S. Senators for Virginia, John S. Carlile and Waitman T. Willey, who were seated by the Senate.[2] Three U.S. Representatives elected in western districts of Virginia also went to Congress in 1861: Jacob B. Blair, William G. Brown, and Kellian V. Whaley.[3][4] In 1861, as one of its first acts, the Restored Government began the process of creating the new state of West Virginia, which was achieved in 1863. The Restored Government of Virginia then moved to Alexandria.

U.S. House of Representatives

Main article: List of United States representatives from West Virginia

Current members

List of current members of the delegation, their terms in office, district boundaries, and the district political ratings according to the Cook Partisan Voting Index. The delegation has 2 members, both Republicans.

District CPVI Representative
Party Incumbent time in office District map
1st R+23
Carol Miller
Republican Since January 3, 2019
2nd R+22
Alex Mooney
(Charles Town)
Republican Since January 3, 2015

Delegation timeline (1863 – present)

Congress District
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th At-large
38th (1863–1865) Jacob B. Blair (UU) William G.
Brown Sr.
Kellian Whaley (UU) District created in 1883 District created in 1903 District created in 1913
39th (1865–1867) Chester D. Hubbard (R) George R. Latham (UU)
40th (1867–1869) Bethuel Kitchen (R) Daniel Polsley (R)
41st (1869–1871) Isaac H. Duval (R) James McGrew (R) John Witcher (R)
42nd (1871–1873) John James
Frank Hereford (D)
43rd (1873–1875) John Hagans (R)
44th (1875–1877) Benjamin Wilson (D) Charles J. Faulkner (D)
45th (1877–1879) Benjamin F. Martin (D) John E. Kenna (D)
46th (1879–1881)
47th (1881–1883) John B. Hoge (D)
48th (1883–1885) Nathan Goff Jr. (R) William Lyne
Charles P. Snyder (D) Eustace Gibson (D)
49th (1885–1887)
50th (1887–1889) Charles E. Hogg (D)
51st (1889–1891) John O. Pendleton (D) John D. Alderson (D) James M. Jackson (D)
George W. Atkinson (R) Charles Brooks Smith (R)
52nd (1891–1893) John O. Pendleton (D) James Capehart (D)
53rd (1893–1895)
54th (1895–1897) Blackburn B.
Alston G. Dayton (R) James Hall
Warren Miller (R)
55th (1897–1899) Charles Dorr (R)
56th (1899–1901) David Emmons
Romeo H. Freer (R)
57th (1901–1903) Joseph H. Gaines (R) James A. Hughes (R)
58th (1903–1905) Harry C. Woodyard (R) James A. Hughes (R)
59th (1905–1907)
Thomas Beall
60th (1907–1909) William Pallister
George Cookman
61st (1909–1911)
62nd (1911–1913) John W. Davis (D) William Gay
Brown Jr.
Adam Brown
John M. Hamilton (D)
63rd (1913–1915) Samuel B. Avis (R) Hunter Holmes
Moss Jr.
Howard Sutherland (R)
Matthew M. Neely (D)
64th (1915–1917) Adam Brown
Edward Cooper (R)
George Meade
Harry C. Woodyard (R)
6th district
65th (1917–1919) Stuart F. Reed (R) Adam Brown
66th (1919–1921) Wells Goodykoontz (R) Leonard S. Echols (R)
67th (1921–1923) Benjamin L.
68th (1923–1925) Robert E.
Lee Allen
George William
Thomas Jefferson
J. Alfred Taylor (D)
69th (1925–1927) Carl G. Bachmann (R) Frank Llewellyn
John M. Wolverton (R) Harry C. Woodyard (R) James F. Strother (R)
70th (1927–1929) William Smith
James A. Hughes (R) Edward T. England (R)
71st (1929–1931) John M. Wolverton (R) Hugh Ike Shott (R) Joe L. Smith (D)
Robert Lynn
72nd (1931–1933) Lynn Hornor (D)
73rd (1933–1935) Robert L. Ramsay (D) Jennings Randolph (D) George William
John Kee (D)
Edminston Jr.
74th (1935–1937)
75th (1937–1939)
76th (1939–1941) A. C. Schiffler (R)
77th (1941–1943) Robert L. Ramsay (D)
78th (1943–1945) A. C. Schiffler (R) Edward G.
Hubert S. Ellis (R)
79th (1945–1947) Matthew M. Neely (D) Cleveland M. Bailey (D) E. H. Hedrick (D)
80th (1947–1949) Francis J. Love (R) Melvin C. Snyder (R) Edward G.
81st (1949–1951) Robert L. Ramsay (D) Harley Orrin
Cleveland M.
Maurice G. Burnside (D)
82nd (1951–1953)
Elizabeth Kee (D)
83rd (1953–1955) Bob Mollohan (D) Will E. Neal (R) Robert Byrd (D)
84th (1955–1957) Maurice G. Burnside (D)
85th (1957–1959) Arch A. Moore Jr. (R) Will E. Neal (R)
86th (1959–1961) Ken Hechler (D) John M. Slack Jr. (D)
87th (1961–1963)
88th (1963–1965) John M. Slack Jr. (D)
89th (1965–1967) James Kee (D)
90th (1967–1969)
91st (1969–1971) Bob Mollohan (D)
92nd (1971–1973)
93rd (1973–1975)
94th (1975–1977)
95th (1977–1979) Nick Rahall (D)
96th (1979–1981)
John G. Hutchinson (D)
97th (1981–1983) Cleve Benedict (R) Mick Staton (R)
98th (1983–1985) Alan Mollohan (D) Harley O.
Staggers Jr.
Bob Wise (D)
99th (1985–1987)
100th (1987–1989)
101st (1989–1991)
102nd (1991–1993)
103rd (1993–1995) Bob Wise (D) Nick Rahall (D)
104th (1995–1997)
105th (1997–1999)
106th (1999–2001)
107th (2001–2003) Shelley Moore
108th (2003–2005)
109th (2005–2007)
110th (2007–2009)
111th (2009–2011)
112th (2011–2013) David McKinley (R)
113th (2013–2015)
114th (2015–2017) Alex Mooney (R) Evan Jenkins (R)
115th (2017–2019)
116th (2019–2021) Carol Miller (R)
117th (2021–2023)
118th (2023–2025) Carol Miller (R)
Congress 1st district 2nd district 3rd district 4th district 5th district 6th district

United States Senate

Current U.S. senators from West Virginia
West Virginia

CPVI (2022):[5]
Class I senator Class II senator

Joe Manchin
(Senior senator)

Shelley Moore Capito
(Junior senator)
Party Democratic Republican
Incumbent since November 15, 2010 January 3, 2015
Class I senator Congress Class II senator
Peter G. Van Winkle (UU) 38th (1863–1865) Waitman T. Willey (UU)
39th (1865–1867) Waitman T. Willey (R)
Peter G. Van Winkle (R) 40th (1867–1869)
Arthur I. Boreman (R) 41st (1869–1871)
42nd (1871–1873) Henry G. Davis (D)
43rd (1873–1875)
Allen T. Caperton (D) 44th (1875–1877)
Samuel Price (D)
Frank Hereford (D)
45th (1877–1879)
46th (1879–1881)
Johnson N. Camden (D) 47th (1881–1883)
48th (1883–1885) John E. Kenna (D)
49th (1885–1887)
Charles James Faulkner (D) 50th (1887–1889)
51st (1889–1891)
52nd (1891–1893)
Johnson N. Camden (D)
53rd (1893–1895)
54th (1895–1897) Stephen B. Elkins (R)
55th (1897–1899)
Nathan B. Scott (R) 56th (1899–1901)
57th (1901–1903)
58th (1903–1905)
59th (1905–1907)
60th (1907–1909)
61st (1909–1911)
Davis Elkins (R)
Clarence W. Watson (D)
William E. Chilton (D) 62nd (1911–1913)
63rd (1913–1915) Nathan Goff Jr. (R)
64th (1915–1917)
Howard Sutherland (R) 65th (1917–1919)
66th (1919–1921) Davis Elkins (R)
67th (1921–1923)
Matthew M. Neely (D) 68th (1923–1925)
69th (1925–1927) Guy D. Goff (R)
70th (1927–1929)
Henry D. Hatfield (R) 71st (1929–1931)
72nd (1931–1933) Matthew M. Neely (D)
73rd (1933–1935)
Rush Holt Sr. (D) 74th (1935–1937)
75th (1937–1939)
76th (1939–1941)
Harley M. Kilgore (D) 77th (1941–1943)
Joseph Rosier (D)
Hugh Ike Shott (R)
78th (1943–1945) Chapman Revercomb (R)
79th (1945–1947)
80th (1947–1949)
81st (1949–1951) Matthew M. Neely (D)
82nd (1951–1953)
83rd (1953–1955)
84th (1955–1957)
William Laird III (D)
Chapman Revercomb (R)
85th (1957–1959)
John D. Hoblitzell Jr. (R)
Jennings Randolph (D)
Robert Byrd (D) 86th (1959–1961)
87th (1961–1963)
88th (1963–1965)
89th (1965–1967)
90th (1967–1969)
91st (1969–1971)
92nd (1971–1973)
93rd (1973–1975)
94th (1975–1977)
95th (1977–1979)
96th (1979–1981)
97th (1981–1983)
98th (1983–1985)
99th (1985–1987) Jay Rockefeller (D)
100th (1987–1989)
101st (1989–1991)
102nd (1991–1993)
103rd (1993–1995)
104th (1995–1997)
105th (1997–1999)
106th (1999–2001)
107th (2001–2003)
108th (2003–2005)
109th (2005–2007)
110th (2007–2009)
111th (2009-2011)
Carte Goodwin (D)
Joe Manchin (D)
112th (2011–2013)
113th (2013–2015)
114th (2015–2017) Shelley Moore Capito (R)
115th (2017–2019)
116th (2019–2021)
117th (2021–2023)
118th (2023–2025)
Class I senator Congress Class II senator


Democratic (D)
Republican (R)
Unconditional Unionist (UU)

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