Many sounds are missing.

The chart below shows how the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Kurdish pronunciations in Wikipedia articles. This page includes the three main Kurdish dialects; Northern Kurdish, Central Kurdish, and Southern Kurdish. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see ((IPA-ku)), ((IPA-kmr)), ((IPA-ckb)), ((IPA-sdh)) and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

See Kurdish phonology for a more thorough look at the sounds of Kurdish.

IPA Orthography English approximation
NK[1] CK[2] SK[3]
b b ب ب boy
c ج ج juice
ç چ چ chest
d d د د dog
f f ف ف foot
ɡ g گ گ good
ɣ / x غ go, but without completely blocking airflow on the g
h h ھ ھ hope
ħ / h ح (missing)
ʒ j ژ ژ pleasure
k k ک ک skin
l l ل ل lip
ɫ ł / l / ll ڵ‎ ڵ‎ pill
m m م م moon
n n ن ن nap
ŋ[4] ň / ng نگ نگ sing
p p پ پ spin
q q ق ق (missing)
ɾ r ر ر American atom
r ř / r / rr ڕ ڕ rolled r
s s س س sip
ʃ ş ش ش ship
t t ت ت stop
v v ڤ ڤ vase
w w و و west
x x خ خ Scottish loch
j y ی ی yolk
z z ز ز zap
IPA Orthography English approximation
NK[1] CK[2] SK[3]
ɑː a ا ا father
ê ێ ێ pay
ɛ e ە ه bed
æ ه bad
ə ه‌و[5] about
î ى ى see
ɪ i ى ى sit
o ۆ ۆ shore
ʊ u و و pull
û وو وو moon
ʉː ۊ somewhat like cute


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