The charts below show how the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Romansh language pronunciations in Wikipedia articles. For a guide to adding IPA characters to Wikipedia articles, see Template:IPA and Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Pronunciation § Entering IPA characters.

IPA Examples English approximation
b buna, bler bike
d dent, dubel done
[1] agid, jet dew (British English)
f fitg, flad, clav fast
ɡ gat, galant gas
k carr, architect, aug, kiosc, quai scar
l lavar, milli, val lip
ʎ egl, glieud, bigliet roughly like million
m milli, um mother
n nanin, onns nest
ŋ saung, lungatg sing
ɲ bogn, gnierv roughly like canyon
p papetaria, appartament, verb spin
r ʁ[2] roda, carr, meglra water (American English) or French rose
s vossa, nus sorry
ʃ schanza, glisch, puspei, scopo ship
t teater, ti, agid star
ts cefra, bellezza, zunt cats
[1] chasa, tgamin stew (British English)
rumantsch, tschetschapuorla chew
v grava, watt vent
z casa, rosa zipper
ʒ sbagl, Svizra, branscha, Grischun measure
Marginal consonants
h[3] haluncs, hobi hat
Dialectal consonants
ç amih hue
j jeu, Italia, yak you
w quel, ual, walkman wine
IPA Examples English approximation
a banc, clav roughly like father
ə ~ ɐ[4] casa, mellen comma or gut
e bler, pér roughly like pay
ɛ è, pèr bed
i ti, historic see
ɔ pom, toc off
o biro, ovra law (British English)
u o ~ ʊ[2] bun, udir tool or pull
Dialectal vowels[5]
ø chaschöl, ögl roughly like hurt
y mür, bügl roughly like cute
IPA Examples English example
ˈ comba [ˈkɔmbɐ] bottle
ˌ libramain [ˌlibrəˈmaːin] intonation
. gïunist [dʑi.uˈniʃt] moai
ː dar [daːr] long vowel
◌̯[6] cuort [kuɔ̯rt] now


  1. ^ a b [dʑ] and [tɕ] are also respectively transcribed as [ɟ] and [c] by some linguists.
  2. ^ a b Realization varies among dialects.
  3. ^ ⟨h⟩ is aspirated only in interjections and loanwards.
  4. ^ Pronunciation varies between the two realizations.
  5. ^ Only in Putèr and Vallader dialects and German borrowings.
  6. ^ Used to denote the second element of a falling diphthong.

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