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Kanpur Dehat district
Akbarpur kanpur dehat temple and places 5.jpg
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Main Gate of Blessed Shrine Of Hazrat Syed Badiuddin Ahmad Zinda Shah Qutbul Madar.jpg
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Clockwise from top-left: Temple in Akbarpur, Dharmagarh Temple in Rasulabad, Parhul Devi Temple, Rind River, Mazar of Syed Bahauddin Zinda Shah
Location of Kanpur Dehat district in Uttar Pradesh
Location of Kanpur Dehat district in Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates (Akbarpur, Kanpur Dehat): 26°20′39″N 79°58′02″E / 26.3443°N 79.96718°E / 26.3443; 79.96718Coordinates: 26°20′39″N 79°58′02″E / 26.3443°N 79.96718°E / 26.3443; 79.96718
Country India
StateUttar Pradesh
Tehsils1. Akbarpur, 2. Bhognipur, 3. Rasulabad, 4. Derapur, 5. Sikandara, 6. Maitha
 • Lok Sabha constituencies1. Akbarpur (Lok Sabha constituency)- Akbarpur-Raniya
2. Kannauj (Lok Sabha constituency)- Rasulabad
3. Etawah (Lok Sabha constituency)- Sikandra
4. Jalaun (Lok Sabha constituency)- Bhognipur
 • Vidhan Sabha constituencies1. Rasulabad
2. Akbarpur-Raniya
3. Sikandra
4. Bhognipur
 • Total3,021 km2 (1,166 sq mi)
 • Total1,796,184.[1]
 • Literacy65.15%
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationUP-77

Kanpur Dehat district is a district in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. The administrative headquarters of the district are at Mati-Akbarpur. This district is part of Kanpur division. Kanpur was formerly spelled Cawnpore.


The site of the Battle of Madarpur, fought between the Bhumihar zamindars and the Mughal Empire in 1528CE took place within the present-day Kanpur Dehat district.

Kanpur District was divided into two districts, namely Kanpur Nagar and Kanpur Dehat in year 1977. The two were reunited again in 1979 and again separated in 1981. Uttar Pradesh government decided to rename Kanpur Dehat district as Ramabai Nagar district on 1 July 2010.[2] In July 2012, it was returned to Kanpur Dehat.

Tehsils in Kanpur Dehat district

  1. Akbarpur
  2. Bhognipur
  3. Derapur
  4. Rasulabad
  5. Sikandara
  6. Maitha

Political representatives

Legislative Council

Name Member[3] Party
Kanpur Graduate Constituency Arun Pathak Bharatiya Janata Party

Legislative Assembly

Name Member[4] Party
Akbarpur-Raniya Pratibha Shukla[5] Bharatiya Janta Party
Bhognipur Rakesh Sachan [6] Bharatiya Janta Party
Sikandra Ajit Pal[7] Bharatiya Janta Party
Rasulabad Nirmala Sankhwar[8] Bharatiya Janta Party

Parliamentary constituencies

Name Member[9] Party
Akbarpur Devendra Singh Bhole Bharatiya Janta Party
Kannauj Subrat pathak Bhartiya Janta party
Etawah Dr RAM Shankar katheriya Bharatiya Janta Party
Jalaun Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma Bharatiya Janta Party


An airplane at Kanpur Dehat's Marhamtabad Airstrip (2018)
An airplane at Kanpur Dehat's Marhamtabad Airstrip (2018)

The district is well connected by railways. Three rail tracks run through Kanpur Dehat district. The railway route connecting Delhi to Hawrah belonging to North Central zone of Indian Railways is passing through centre of the district. This railway track is broad gauge and fully electrified. The railway stations on this route through the district are Bhaupur, Maitha, Roshan Mau Halt, Rura, Ambiyapur, Jhinjhak and Parjani Halt. Rura Railway Station is the main railway Station of Kanpur Dehat District.

The second track is Kanpur to Jhansi railway line. The railway stations on this route are Binaur, Rasulpur Gogumau, Tilaunchi, Paman, Lalpur, Malasa, Pukhrayan and Chaunrah. This broad gauge railway track is electrified also belongs to North Central zone.

The third railway line converted to broad gauge belongs to North Eastern Railway zone. The track runs parallel to the Ganges river. This track is also electrified.

Notable residents


Notable places



Waneshwar Mahadev Mandir
Waneshwar Mahadev Mandir


Educational institutions


Religions in Kanpur Dehat district (2011)[19]
Religion Percent
Other or not stated
Distribution of religions

According to the 2011 census Kanpur Dehat district has a population of 1,795,092,[1] roughly equal to the nation of The Gambia[20] or the US state of Nebraska.[21] This gives it a ranking of 268th in India (out of a total of 640 districts).[1] The district has a population density of 594 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,540/sq mi).[1] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 14.82%.[1] Kanpur Dehat has a sex ratio of 862 females for every 1000 males,[1] and a literacy rate of 77.52%. Scheduled Castes made up 25.66% of the population.[1]

Languages of Kanpur Dehat district (2011)[22]

  Hindi (98.97%)
  Urdu (0.94%)
  Others (0.09%)

At the time of the 2011 Census of India, 98.97% of the population in the district spoke Hindi (or a related language) and 0.94% Urdu as their first language.[22]

Historical population
YearPop.±% p.a.

Kos Minars

Since the Mughal Road passes through Kanpur Dehat district, there are many Kos Minar (mile pillars) in the district. Some of them are protected monuments, notable ones are at Bhognipur, Chapar Ghata, Deosar, Gaur, Halia, Jallapur Sikandara, Pailwaru, Pitampur, Raigawan, Rajpur, Sankhiln Buzurg, Sardarpur.

International airport proposal

An international airport named Rasoolabad International Airport was proposed in 2015 to be constructed in Kanpur Dehat district about 50 km from Kanpur.[24] The airport will serve the region from Agra division, Jhansi division, Kanpur division, Aligarh division, Allahabad division, Banda division and Lucknow division. It would have direct link road with Agra Lucknow Expressway.[25][26]


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