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Administrative Divisions of Uttar Pradesh.

The northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, which borders Nepal, comprises 18 administrative divisions. Within these 18 divisions, there are a total of 75 districts.[1] The following table shows the name of each division, its administrative capital city, its constituent districts, and a map of its location.

Current divisions

Currently 75 districts are divided into 18 divisions.

Divisions Formed Headquarters Districts Map
Agra division Pre-Independence Agra
Aligarh division 17 April 2008 (Separated From Agra division) Aligarh
Ayodhya division Pre-Independence Ayodhya
Azamgarh division 15 November 1994 (Separated from Gorakhpur and Varanasi divisions) Azamgarh
Bareilly division Pre-Independence Bareilly
Basti division 14 June 1997 (Separated from Gorakhpur division) Basti
Chitrakootdham division 21 November 1997 (Separated from Jhansi division) Banda
Devipatan division 21 November 1997 (Separated from Ayodhya division) Gonda
Gorakhpur division Pre-Independence Gorakhpur
Jhansi division Pre-Independence Jhansi
Kanpur division 15 August 1988 (Separated from Allahabad division) Kanpur
Lucknow division Pre-Independence Lucknow
Meerut division Pre-Independence Meerut
Moradabad division 14 September 1980 (Separated from Bareilly Division) Moradabad
Prayagraj division Pre-Independence Prayagraj
Saharanpur division 21 November 1997 (Separated from Meerut Division) Saharanpur
Varanasi division Pre-Independence Varanasi
Vindhyachal division 14 June 1997 (Separated from Varanasi division) Mirzapur

Original Divisions with their original districts during Independence

During the formation of State of Uttar Pradesh, it consisted of 49 districts divided into 10 divisions.

Divisions Headquarters Districts
2nd or Agra division Agra
10th or Ayodhya division (Faizabad division) Faizabad
3rd or Bareilly division (Rohilkhand division) Bareilly
7th or Gorakhpur division Gorakhpur
5th or Jhansi division Jhansi
9th or Lucknow division Lucknow
8th or Kumaon division Nainital
1st or Meerut division Meerut
4th or Prayagraj division (Allahabad division) Allahabad
6th or Varanasi division (Benaras division) Benaras

There were three native principalities (Rampur State, Benaras State and Tehri Garhwal State) which existed outside the regular revenue administration which were later incorporated into it. Rampur State was made a district and was transferred to Rohilkhand division and later to newly formed Moradabad division. Benaras State was integrated with Varanasi district and Varanasi division. Tehri Garhwal State was carved into several hilly districts and a new Garhwal division was created in 1969 with Pauri district as its headquarters along with transferring of Dehradun district from Meerut division to Garhwal division. Pratapgarh district was transferred from Ayodhya division to Prayagraj division in 1988. Ballia district was transferred from Varanasi division when Azamgarh division was formed after separation from Gorakhpur division in 1994. When Uttarakhand got separated from Uttar Pradesh in 2000, Kumaon division and Garhwal division were incorporated into it along with newly formed Haridwar district which was transferred from Saharanpur division to Garhwal division.

Divisional Officers

Almost every department in Uttar Pradesh Government has its divisional level officers who supervise, review and guide its district level officers. There are many important divisional level committees and meetings chaired by concerned Divisional Commissioner which take inter-departmental decisions such as divisional crime and law & order review meeting, divisional security committee, divisional level monitoring committee for development work, regional transport authority etc. Every divisional headquarter district has a state guest-house known as Circuit House.

Department State Level Officer Divisional Level Officer District Level Officer
General Administration and Revenue Chief Secretary and Chairman of Board of Revenue Divisional Commissioner, Additional Divisional Commissioners District Magistrate, Additional District Magistrates
Police Director General of Police Inspector General/Deputy Inspector General of Police (Range) Senior Superintendent/Superintendent of Police (Districts)
Forestry Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Chief Conservator/Conservator of Forest (Territorial) Divisional Forest Officer
Rural Development Rural Development Commissioner Joint Development Commissioner Chief Development Officer
Panchayati Raj Director Panchayati Raj Deputy Director, Panchayati Raj District Panchayati Raj Officer
Town and Country Planning Chief Planner (Town and Country) Associate Planner (Town and Country) Assistant Planner (Town and Country)
Public Works Department Principal Engineer (Development) cum Engineer in Chief Chief Engineer, PWD Zone Superintendent/Executive Engineer, PWD Circle/Division
Power Chairman, UPPCL Chief Engineer, Power Superintendent/Executive Engineer, Power
Irrigation Engineer in Chief Chief/Superintendent Engineer, Irrigation Executive Engineer, Irrigation
Health and Family Welfare Director General, Health and Family Welfare Additional Director, Health and Family Welfare Chief Medical Officer
Social Welfare Director, Social Welfare Joint Director, Social Welfare District Social Welfare Officer
Women and Child Welfare Director, Women and Child Welfare Deputy Director, Women and Child Welfare District Probation Officer
Backward Class Welfare Director, Backward Class Welfare Deputy Director, Backward Class Welfare District Backward Class Welfare Officer
Handicapped Welfare Director, Handicapped Welfare Deputy Director, Handicapped Welfare District Handicapped Welfare Officer
Minority Welfare Director, Minority Welfare Deputy Director, Minority Welfare District Minority Welfare Officer
Food and Civil Supplies Food and Civil Supplies Commissioner Regional Food Controller District Supply Officer
Food and Drugs Administration Food and Drugs Administration Commissioner Assistant Commissioner, Food/Drugs Food Safety Officer/Drugs Inspector
Transport Transport Commissioner Regional Transport Officer (Administration/Enforcement) Assistant Regional Transport Officer (Administration/Enforcement)
Treasury Director, Treasury Additional/Joint Director, Treasury Chief/Senior Treasury Officer
Economics and Statistics Director, Economics and Statistics Deputy Director, Economics and Statistics District Economical and Statistical Officer
Labour Labour Commissioner Deputy Labour Commissioner District Labour Officer
Employment Director, Employment Regional Employment Officer District Employment Officer
Vocational Education Director, Vocational Education Joint Director, Vocational Education Deputy Director, Vocational Education
Higher Education Director, Higher Education Regional Higher Education Officer Assistant Regional Higher Education Officer
Secondary Education Director General, School Education Joint Director, Secondary Education District Inspector of Schools
Basic Education Director General, School Education Assistant Director, Basic Education Basic Shiksha Adhikari
Information Director, Information Deputy Director, Information District Information Officer
Agriculture Director, Agriculture Joint Director, Agriculture District Agriculture Officer
Cane and Sugar Industry Cane and Sugar Commissioner Joint/Deputy Commissioner, Cane District Cane Officer
Dairy Development Dairy Commissioner Dairy Development Officer Deputy Dairy Development Officer
Animal Husbandry Director, Animal Husbandry Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry Chief Veterinary Officer
Horticulture Director, Horticulture Joint Director, Horticulture District Horticulture Officer
Sericulture Director, Sericulture Deputy Director, Sericulture Assistant Director, Sericulture
Fisheries Director, Fisheries Deputy Director, Fisheries Assistant Director, Fisheries
Handloom and Textile Commissioner, Handloom and Textile Deputy Commissioner, Handloom and Textile Assistant Commissioner, Handloom and Textile
Industries Commissioner, Industries Joint Commissioner, Industries Deputy Commissioner, District Industrial Centre
Mines and Geology Director, Mines Regional Mines Officer District Mines Officer
Excise Excise Commissioner Joint Excise Commissioner District Excise Officer
Commercial Tax Commissioner, Commercial Tax Additional Commissioner, Commercial Tax Joint Commissioner, Commercial Tax
Stamps and Registration Inspector General, Stamps and Registration Deputy Inspector General, Stamps and Registration Assistant Inspector General, Stamps and Registration
Prisons Director General/Inspector General, Prisons Deputy Inspector General, Prisons Senior Superintendent/Superintendent of Prison
Prosecution Director, Prosecution Additional Director, Prosecution Joint Director, Prosection
Home-guards Director General, Home-guards Divisional Commandant, Home-guards District Commandant, Home-guards
Fire Service Director General, Fire Service Deputy Director Fire Service Chief Fire Officer
Cooperative Commissioner and Registrar, Cooperative Deputy Commissioner and Registrar, Cooperative Assistant Commissioner and Registrar
Tourism Director General, Tourism Regional Tourism Officer District Tourism Officer
Sports Director General, Sports Regional Sports Officer District Sports Officer

Demand for integrated Divisional Office Complexes

After the state government approved integrated divisional office complexes for Gorakhpur and Varanasi division which will have offices of all divisional officers under one roof.[2] The opposition alleged favouritism for these two divisions as they are located in Chief Minister’s and Prime Minister’s constituencies.

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