All Russian cities with at least 1 million people, labelled
Federal subjects of Russia by population density

This is a list of cities and towns in Russia and parts of the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine with a population of over 50,000 as of the 2021 Census. The figures are for the population within the limits of the city/town proper, not the urban area or metropolitan area.

The list includes Sevastopol and settlements within the Republic of Crimea which are internationally recognized as part of Ukraine and were not subject to the 2010 census. The city of Zelenograd (a part of the federal city of Moscow) and the municipal cities/towns of the federal city of St. Petersburg are also excluded, as they are not enumerated in the 2021 census as stand-alone localities. Note that the sixteen largest cities have a total population of 35,509,177, or roughly 24.1% of the country's total population.

Cities and towns

Cities in bold symbolize the capital city of its respective federal subject. Three capitals are too small to make the list: Naryan-Mar (pop. 25,795), Magas (pop. 15,279), and Anadyr (pop. 15,079). Pyatigorsk is the administrative centre of North Caucasian Federal District but not of any federal subject.

Cities in grey are in areas annexed by Russia that the international community considers illegally occupied by Russia.[1] Only a few nations recognize Crimea as part of Russia.[2]


Location of most populous cities in Russia

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