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List of statues in India by height.

Existing, more than 30 metres (98 ft)

Statue Depicts Locations State Height Notes Completed Photos
m ft
Statue of Unity S.Vallabhbhai Patel Sadhu Bet, Sardar Sarovar Dam Gujarat 182 597 World's tallest statue 2018
Statue of Unity.jpg
Statue of Belief Lord Shiva Nathdwara, Rajasthan Rajasthan 112.4 369 World's tallest Shiva statue 2022
Vishwas Swaroopam after completion of work.jpg
Statue of Equality (Ramanuja) Ramanuja Hyderabad, Telangana Telangana 65.8 216 World's second tallest sitting statue[1] 2022
Statue of Equality.jpg
Statue of Equality (Ambedkar) B.R. Ambedkar Hyderabad, Telangana Telangana 53.34 175.0 World's tallest Ambedkar statue[2] 2023
125 feet Ambedkar Statue in Hyderabad, Telangana (cropped).jpg
Hanuman Statue Lord Hanuman Beside Vamsadhara River, Madapam Andhra Pradesh 52 171 World's tallest Hanuman statue 2020
Panchamukhi Hanuman Statue Lord Hanuman in Panchamukha-form Bidanagere, Kunigal Karnataka 49 161 World's tallest 5 faced Hanuman statue.[3] 2022
Hanuman Staue at Bidanagere, Kunigal.jpg
Muthumalai Murugan Statue Lord Murugan Salem Tamil Nadu 44.5 146 World's tallest Murugan statue 2022
Maa Vaishno Devi Statue Vaishno Devi Vrindavan Uttar Pradesh 43 141 [4] [non-primary source needed] 2010
Durga mata statue in Vrindavan.jpg
Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami Hanuman Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh 41 135 World's second tallest Hanuman statue 2003
Thiruvalluvar Statue Thiruvalluvar Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu 40.5 133 The entire 133 feet monument depicts the three sections of Thirukkural, namely, virtue (38 chapters), wealth (70 chapters) and love (25 chapters).[5] The statue has a height of 95 feet (29 m) and stands upon a 38-foot (11.5 m) pedestal. Tallest stone sculpture statue contains 3681 stones ranges up to 15 tons per piece. 2000
Thiruvalluvar Statue at Kanyakumari 02.jpg
Tathagata Tsal (Buddha Park of Ravangla) Gautam Buddha Ravangla Sikkim 39 128 [6] 2013
Buddha Park 4.JPG
Dhyana Buddha statue Buddha Amaravathi village, Guntur district Andhra Pradesh 38.1 125 Dhyana Buddha statue of Amaravati[7] 2015
Dhyana Buddha statue in Amaravati.jpg
Statue of Padmasambhava, Rewalsar Guru Rinpoche Rewalsar Himachal Pradesh 37.5 123 Statue of Guru Rinponche[5] 2012
Guru Rinpoche in mist 2.jpg
Marjing Polo Statue Marjing, Manipuri Pony and Sagol Kangjei Marjing Polo Complex, Heingang Ching (Marjing Hills), Heingang, Imphal East district Manipur 37 122[a][8][9] World's tallest equestrian statue of a polo player[10][11] 2023
Shiva of Murudeshwara Shiva Murudeshwara, Uttara Kannada district Karnataka 37 121 The third tallest statue of Shiva in the world, and the second tallest in India.[12] 2006
Shiva Statue Murdeshwara Temple.jpg
Sai Baba statue Sai Baba of Shirdi Repuru, Kakinada Andhra Pradesh 35.5 116 Tallest statue of Sai Baba in the world 2015
Sai Baba statue.jpg
Adiyogi Shiva statue Shiva Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 34.2 112 Largest and tallest face in the world, made up of 500 tonnes of steel. Height of 112 feet symbolically denotes that Adiyogi gave 112 ways to explore the human system[13] Feb 24th, 2017
Adiyogi Shiva statue
Basaveshwara statue Basava Gadag Karnataka 33.83 111 The statue of Basaveshwara has been erected in the middle of the 103-acre tank in Gadag district of Karnataka. A 111-foot statue of Basaveshwara at the Bhishma Lake is the tallest statue of Basavanna in India. Apr 27th, 2015
Hanuman Statue of Damanjodi Hanuman Damanjodi, Koraput Odisha 33.1 108'9" World's third tallest Hanuman located at NALCO township, Damanjodi, Koraput March 3, 2017
Hanuman Statue of Damanjodi
Basaveshwara statue Basava Basavakalyan Karnataka 33 108 Statue of Basava in the world[5] 2014
Basavanna Statue in Karnataka
Statue of Prosperity Kempe Gowda Devanahalli, Bangalore Karnataka 33 108 Tallest bronze statue of a founder of a city.[14] 2022
PM unveils the 108 ft bronze statue of Nadaprabhu Kempegowda.jpg
Statue of Ahimsa Tirthankar Adinath Mangi-Tungi, Maharashtra Maharashtra 33 108 World's tallest Jain idol (121 feet including pedestal) and also largest monolith statue in the world 2016
StatueOfAhimsa (cropped).jpg
Statue of Adinath Dada, Palitana Temples Rishabha(Dev)nath Palitana group of Temples Gujarat 33 108 [15] 2016
Shri Hanuman Jakhu Hanuman Shimla Himachal Pradesh 33 108 Located at 8,500 feet (2,600 m) above sea level[16] 2010
Mindroling Monastery Gautam Buddha Dehradun, Uttarakhand Uttarakhand 32.6 107 [16] 1965
Hanuman Murti in Shahjahanpur Hanuman Shahjahanpur Uttar Pradesh 32 105 Hanumat Dham Statue [17] 2013
Diskit Monastery Maitreya Buddha Diskit, Nubra Valley, Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir 32 105 Statue of Jampa [18] 2010
Maitreya Buddha - Nubra.jpg
Hanuman in Nandura Hanuman Nandura Maharashtra 32 105 [16]
Jai Hanuman.jpg
Agara shri Hanuman statue Hanuman Bengaluru Karnataka 31.08 102.0 2012
Mangal Mahadev Shiva Gangtan, Sampla Beri Road Haryana 30.8 101 Standing statue[citation needed] 2012
101ft Lord Shiva Statue ,Gangtan,Jhajjar,Hariyana,India.jpg
statue of Lord hanuman Hanuman Chhindwara, Chikli Madhya Pradesh 30.8 101 Chhindwara's tallest statue 2018
Har Ki Pauri Shiva statue Shiva Haridwar Uttarakhand 30.5 100 [19] 2012
Shiva statue by the Ganges, across Har-ki-Pauri, Haridwar.jpg

Existing, less than 30 metres (98 ft)

Statue Depicts Locations State Height Notes Completed Photo
m ft
Abbirajupalem Hanuman Statue Hanuman Doddipatla Andhra Pradesh 30 98 Standing Hanuman[20] 2013
Hanuman Statue at Abbirajupalem.jpg
Hanuman Statue Hanuman Erravaram Andhra Pradesh 29.6 97 Standing Hanuman
Standing Buddha Statue Buddha Sarnath, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh 27 89.5 Standing Buddha 2017
Standing Buddha Varanasi.jpg
Shri Hanuman Dham Hanuman Kiratpur Uttar Pradesh 27 89 Hanuman Dham Statue created by Pradeep Chauhan [21] 1997
Hanuman dham kiratpur.jpg
Siddheswar Dham Shiva Namchi Sikkim 26.5 87 It offers a statue of Lord Shiva encircled by a dozen Jyotirlingas and replicas of the four Dhams of the country. 2011
Adinath, Bawangaja Adinath Barwani Madhya Pradesh 26 85 This is one of the older tallest statues in India 1100
Bawangajastatue (cropped).jpg
Chinmaya Ganadhish Ganesha Kolhapur Maharashtra state 26 85 Idol at Chinmaya Sandeepany Ashram[22] 2001
Sivagiri of Bijapur Shiva Karnataka Karnataka 26 85 The fourth tallest statue of Shiva in the world. The third tallest statue of Shiva in India[23] 2006
Shiva Bijapur.jpg
Great Buddha Statue in Bodhgaya Buddha Bodhgaya Bihar 25 82 Mahabodhi Temple Complex in Gaya [24] 1989
Buddha Statue of Bihar.jpeg
Statue of Lord Shiva (Meinindranaatha Swami) Shiva Keeramangalam Tamil Nadu 24.68 81 Thirty-first tallest statue in India,

Third tallest statue in Tamil Nadu,

Sixth tallest Shiva statue in India,

Ninth tallest Shiva statue in the world.

Feb 20th, 2016
Hanuman of the Ram Tirth temple Hanuman Amritsar Punjab 24.5 80 Ram Tirath temple [25]
Hanuman Statue Hanuman Samalkot Andhra Pradesh 24.07 79.0 Standing Hanuman
Lord Shiva Shiva Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh 23.17 76.0 The fifth tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. The fourth tallest statue of Shiva in India[26] 2006
Kote Anjaneya Statue Hanuman Tumkur Karnataka 23 75 Hanuman statue in standing posture with Rama and Lakshman on his shoulders.[27] 2005
Hanuman Vatika Hanuman Rourkela Orissa 23 75 second tallest statue of Hanuman[28] 1994
Hanuman Vatika Rourkela.JPG
Golden Buddha in the Likir Monastery Buddha Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir 23 75 There is a small museum which houses collections of thankas, old religious and domestic costumes[citation needed] 1999
Likir (224).jpg
Abhaya Buddha at Eluru Buddha Park Buddha Eluru Andhra Pradesh 22.56 74.0 Tallest Abhaya Buddha statue (standing posture) in South India [29] 2013
Buddha Park in Eluru (May 2019) 5.jpg
Ganapati Dham Temple Ganesha Bahadurgarh Haryana 22.56 74.0 World's tallest Ganesha statue[30] 2009
Lord ganesha statue 72ft Bahadurgarh,Hariyana,India.jpg
Statue of Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi Patna Bihar 22 72 Statue of Lord Ganesh atop the Birla Temple [31] 2013
Lord Ganesha Lord Ganesha Pimpri-Chinchwad Maharashtra 22 72 Statue of Lord Ganesha [32] 2009
Lord Hanuman Balaji Statue Hanuman NH-162, Pali, Rajasthan Rajasthan 21.94 72.0 Statue of Hanuman with Lord Ram And Lakshaman [33][34][35] 2010 [1]
Lord Buddha Statue Buddha lake Ghora Katora, Rajgir Bihar 21.34 70.0 the Buddha in Dhammachakra mudra [36][37][38] 2018
Gangadhareshwara Shiva Azhimala Temple, Kovalam Kerala 20.7264 68.000 Tallest statue of Lord Shiva in Kerala and tallest statue of Gangadhareshwara form of Lord Shiva in India. 2020
Hanuman in Punjab Hanuman Sankat Mochan Hanuman, Phillaur Punjab 21 69 Standing Statue[citation needed]
Hanuman in New Delhi Hanuman Jhandewalan, New Delhi Delhi 20 66 Standing Statue[citation needed]
Hanuman-Tempel New-Delhi.jpg
Navagraha Jain Temple Statue Parshvanatha Hubli Karnataka 18.6 61 This is the largest Parshavanatha statue in world with height of 61 feet mounted on 48 feet pedestal(total height 109 feet).[39] 2010
Jain-navagraha-temple (cropped).jpg
Shiva at Bhanjanagar Reservoir Shiva Bhanjanagar Odisha 18.6 61 The seventh tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in the world. The sixth tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in India [40] 2013
Beleswara 1, BNR.jpg
Shri Chamundeshwari Statue Chamundeshwari Channapatna Karnataka 18.3 60 Located in the premises of Shri Chamundeshwari Basavappanavara Temple in Gowdagere, this statue is the world's tallest statue of Goddess Chamundeshwari who is considered to be one of the forms of the Goddess Durga or Adishakti.[41] 2021
Gomateswara Bahubali Sravanabelagola Karnataka 18 59 It's the tallest free–standing monolithic statue in the world.[42] 983
This statue symbolizes the Jain ideal of detachment and non-violence
Buddha Statue of Hyderabad Buddha Lake Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad Telangana 18 59 World's tallest monolith of Gautama Buddha[citation needed] 1992
Hussain Sagar Buddha.jpg
Hanuman Hanuman Puttaparthi Andhra Pradesh 18 59 Found on top of the Vidya Giri Hill overlooking the Sri Sathya Sai International Hillview Stadium.[citation needed] 1985
Hill in Prashanthi Nilayam with statues of Hanuman, Krishna, Shirdi Sai Baba, Shiva, Buddha, Christ, Zarathustra.jpg
Adinath statue at Gwalior Fort Adinath Siddhachal Jain Temple, Gwalior Fort Madhya Pradesh 17.81 58.4 Rock cut idol of Adinatha bhagwan 1500
Hanuman Hanuman Kondagattu, jagityal Telangana 17.06 56.0 standing Hanuman [43] 2003
Munisuvrata statue Munisuvrata Jainaragutti near Adagur Karnataka 16.4 54 The tallest statue of Tirthankar Munisuvrat(nath) [44] 2022
Sai Baba Statue Sai Baba of Shirdi Machilipatnam Andhra Pradesh 16.4 54 [43]
Machilipatnam Sai Temple 11 09.JPG
Tirumulai Neminath Statue Neminath Polur Tamil Nadu 16.0 52.5 The tallest Jain sculpture in Tamil Nadu 1100
Tirumalai Neminatha Statue.jpg
Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar Hanuman Vedasandur, Dindigul district Tamil Nadu 15.54 51.0 [43] 2008
Bangeswar Mahadev Shiva Salkia, Howrah West Bengal 15.54 51.0 Tallest Shiva idol in eastern India bank of River Ganges[45] 2016
Kamadev Bahubali of Pusegaon Kamadev Bahubali Pusegaon, Hingoli district Maharashtra 15.54 51.0 [46] 2022 Ce
Hanuman Statue Hanuman Bathinda Punjab 15.24 50.0 Hanuman Chowk[47]
Parshvanatha temple, Gopachal Parshvanatha Gwalior Madhya Pradesh 14 46 Largest Parshvanatha statue in lotus position[48] 14th—15th century
Gopachal - Parshvanatha.jpg
Khandargiri Cave Adinath statue Rishabhanatha Chanderi Madhya Pradesh 13.7 45 13th century
Bahubali statue Bahubali Firozabad Uttar Pradesh 13.7 45 [2] Archived 2019-08-10 at the Wayback Machine
Firozabad UP 2.jpg
45 ft Sri Abhaya Anjaneeya Swamy Hanuman Hanuman Junction Andhra Pradesh 13.7 45 Tallest Hanuman in Hanuman Junction 2015
45ft Sri Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy.JPG
Gommateshwara statue, Karkala Bahubali Karkala Karnataka 12.8 42 1432
Gomateshwara Statue, Karkala.jpg
Kuravan and Kurathi Statue Kuravan & Kurathi Idukki District Kerala 12.2 40 2005
Statue of Kuruvan & Kuruthi.jpg
Balamurugan Statue Murugan Saveetha Institute of Medical And Technical Sciences Tamil Nadu 12.2 40 Monolith sculpture of a young Lord Bala Murugan 8 February 2020
Balamurugan Saveetha.jpg
Dharmasthala statue Bahubali Dakshina Kannada Karnataka 12 39 1973
Gomateshwara of Dharmasthala.jpg
Horse statue Sri Perungaraiyadi Meenda Ayyanar Temple Kulamangalam, Alangudi(T.k), Pudukkottai Tamil Nadu 11.27 37.0 Standing Hanuman 18th century
Kulamangalam Ayyanar Kuthirai.JPG
Sri Rama Bhaktha Anjaneyar temple, anjaneyar statue Hanuman Ayipettai, Cuddalore Tamil Nadu 11.28 37.0 2015
Mounagiri Hanuman Hanuman Anantapur Andhra Pradesh 11 36 It's South India's tallest monolithic statue located at Mounagiri Global Trust[49] 2010
36 Ft Single stone Hanuman statue , Mounagiri.jpg
Dakshinmukhi Hanuman Statue Hanuman Saifai, Etawah district Uttar Pradesh 10.7 35 2016[50]
Venur Bahubali Dakshina Kannada Karnataka 10.7 35 1604
Venur - Bahubali.JPG
Lachit & his Army Lachit Borphukan Machkhowa, Guwahati Assam 10.7 35 The statue of Ahom general Lachit Borphukan with soldiers and cannons 2016[51]
Lachit Borphukan and His Army.jpg
Shrimad Rajchandra statue, Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram Shrimad Rajchandra Dharampur Gujarat 10.36 34.0 World's tallest statue of Shrimad Rajchandra[52] 2017
Shrimad Rajchandra Spiritual Centre (cropped).jpg
Shantinath statue, Hastinapur Jain temple Shantinath Hastinapur Uttar Pradesh 9.8 32
Jain Prachin Bada Mandir - Shantinath Statue (2) (cropped).jpg
Shantinath Jinalaya Shantinath Shri Mahaveerji Rajasthan 9.8 32
Mahaveerji Shantinath Statue.png
Viswaroopa Bhakta Anjaneya Hanuman Nanganallur, Chennai Tamil Nadu 9.8 32 [53] 1989
Bhaktha Anjaneyar, Nanganallur.JPG
Vahelna Statue Parshvanatha Vahelna, Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh 9.5 31 2011
Bhagwan Parshvanath (cropped).jpg
Statue of Vasupujya Vasupujya Champapur, Bhagalpur Bihar 9.5 31 Tallest statue of Lord Vasupujya in the World 2014
Lord Vasupujya.jpeg
Statue of Rishabhdev Rishabhanatha Bada Gaon, Baghpat Uttar Pradesh 9.5 31 Made up of Ashtadhatu in padmasan posture 2016
Bada Gaon - Trilok Teerth Dham - Rishabhdev.jpg
Gommateshvara statue in Badagaon Bahubali Bada Gaon, Baghpat Uttar Pradesh 9.5 31 2018
Bahubali Statue at Bada Gaon (2).jpg
Rishabha statue at Trimurti temple Rishabhanatha Borivali Mumbai 9.5 31 Rishabhanatha statue at Trimurti temple in Sanjay Gandhi National Park 2014
Mumbai 03-2016 102 Teenmurti Temple - Rishabhanatha statue.jpg
Bharata statue, Connaught Place Bharata chakravartin New Delhi Delhi 9.5 31 largest statue of Bharata chakravartin 2021
Bharat Bhagwan - Connaught Place (3).jpg
Kubereshwar Mahadev Shiva baroda Gujarat 9.45 31.0 Second Tall Statue In baroda, Gujarat 2008
Baroda 3.jpg
Statue of Parashurama Parashurama Kaduthuruthy, Kottayam Kerala 9.14 30.0 Statue of Parashurama located at Mangomeadows Agriculture Theme Park[54] 2015
Kumbhoj statue Bahubali Kolhapur district Maharashtra 8.5 28 1963
Bahubali statue at Trimurti temple Bahubali & Bharata Borivali Mumbai 8.5 28 Bahubali statue at Trimurti temple in Sanjay Gandhi National Park 2014
Mumbai 03-2016 102 Teenmurti Temple.jpg
Shantinath Jain Teerth Statue Munisuvrata Indapur Maharashtra 8.23 27.0 2011
Shri 1008 Munisuvratnath Bhagwan Statue.JPG
Neelkanth Varni (Swaminarayan as Teenage Yogi) Neelkanth Varni BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi Delhi 8.23 27.0 A beautiful 27 ft. high bronze murti (Statue) of Neelkanth Varni stands in a determined pose [55] 2005
Tirthankar Padmaprabh of Padampura Tirthankar Padmaprabh Shivdaspura town of Jaipur Rajasthan 8.23 27.0 • The tallest statue of Tirthankar Padmaprabh. [56]
Statue of Adinath Adinath Sarvodaya temple, Amarkantak Madhya Pradesh 7.32 24.0
Amarkantak a beautiful place 16 (cropped).jpg
Statue of Mahavira Mahavira Shri Mahaveerji Rajasthan 7.32 24.0 [57]
Shri Mahaveerji temple - 24 feet Mahavira statue.jpg
Kamadev Bahubali of Ponnur Malai Kamadev Bahubali PonnurMalai hills, Tiruvannamalai district Tamil Nadu 7.32 24.0 2023 Ce
Statue of Shirdi Sai in Nemli Sai Baba of Shirdi Nemli Andhra Pradesh 7 23 [58] 2011
Statue of Shantinath at Bhojpur Jain Temple Shantinatha Bhojpur, Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh 6.86 22.5 1100
This statue symbolizes the Jain ideal of detachment and non-violence
Shantinath statue at Aharji Shantinatha Aharji Madhya Pradesh 6.7 22 [59] 1180
18 ft tall idol of Lord Shantinath at ahaar ji near Tikamgarh(1180 ad).jpg
Mandargiri Jain Temple Chandraprabha Tumkur District Karnataka 6.4 21 2011
Lord Chandranatha Thirthankara statue.jpg
Gommatagiri Bahubali Mysore District Karnataka 6 20 1100
Statue of Bahubali at Gommatagiri, Mysore.JPG
Statue of Dying Buddha Buddha Kushinagar Uttar Pradesh 6 20 [60]
Hanuman Statue Hanuman Biramitrapur, Sundergarh Odisha 6 20 A kneeling hanuman[61] 2011
Parshvanatha basadi statue Parshvanatha Sravanabelagola Karnataka 5.5 18 10th century
Statue in the inner sanctum in the Parsvanatha Basadi at Shravanabelgola.jpg
Parshvanatha basadi statue Parshvanatha Halebidu, Hassan District Karnataka 5.5 18 1133
Eighteen feet tall sculpture of Parshvanatha in the Parshvanatha basadi at Halebidu.JPG
Shantinatha basadi statue Shantinatha Halebidu, Hassan District Karnataka 5.5 18 1192
Eighteen feet tall sculpture of Shantinatha in the Shantinatha basadi at Halebidu.JPG
Namakkal Anjaneyar Temple Hanuman Namakkal Tamil Nadu 5.5 18 More Than 1500 Years OldNamakkal Sri Anjaneyar temple[62]
Anjaneyar Temple, Namakkal.jpg
Jambu Swami Statue Jambu Swami Mathura Chaurasi Uttar Pradesh 5.5 18 Largest statue of Jambu Swami, the last kevali according to Jainism
Mathura Chaurasi Jain temple (11).jpg
Bahubali Statue Bahubali Shikohpur Haryana 5.5 18
Bahubali - Navagraha temple - Shikhopur.jpg
Kanakagiri Bahubali Statue Bahubali Kanakagiri Karnataka 5.5 18 2017
First Mahamastakabhisheka of Kanakagiri Bahubali.jpg
Naugaza Digambar Jain Temple Shantinatha Alwar Rajasthan 5.33 17.5 922 A.D.
Jain statue of Parshvanath, Naugaza temple, Alwar district, Rajasthan, India.jpg

Under-construction, Proposed/Planned

Statue Depicts Locations State Height Notes
m ft
Lord Shiva (sitting) statue Lord Shiva Jajpur, Odisha Odisha 37.49 123 To be the largest statue in the state
Mata Sita statue Sita Mata Sitamarhi, Bihar Bihar 76.5 251 64
Statue of Equality B. R. Ambedkar Mumbai Maharashtra 107 351 [64]
Reclining Buddha Gautam buddha Gaya, Bihar Bihar 100 ft X 30 ft India's longest reclining Buddha 65
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Memorial Park B. R. Ambedkar Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh 38.1 125 [65]
Statue of Lord Rama Lord Rama Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh 221 725 [66][67]
Shiv Smarak Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Mumbai Maharashtra 212 696
Shri Adbhutnath Mahadev statue Lord Shiva Delhi Delhi 61.26 201.0
Srikakulam Hanuman statue Lord Hanuman Madapam, Narasannapeta mandal Andhra Pradesh 53.6 176 [68]
Statue of Purity Tirthankar Munisuvrat Bhora Kalan, Gurgaon Haryana 46 151 [69]
Maitreya Project Maitreya Buddha Bodh Gaya Bihar 45 148 [70]
Basaveshwara statue Basava Gadag Karnataka 33.8 111 [71]
Parshvanath statue Tirthankar Parshvanath Sama pond, Vadodara Gujarat 30.5 100 [72]
Vishvarupa Vishnu statue at Ejipura Lord Vishnu's Vishvarupa-form Ejipura, Bengaluru,


Karnataka 32.9 108
Statue of Oneness Adi Shankara Ekatma Dham of Omkareshwar Jyotirling Madhya Pradesh 32.9 108 [73]

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