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Customized usage

  • ((IPA pulmonic consonants|audio=yes)) – shows audio samples (view)
  • ((IPA pulmonic consonants|style=margin: auto;)) – appears centered
  • ((IPA pulmonic consonants|caption=)) – hides the main frame (or enter a preferred caption after =)
  • ((IPA pulmonic consonants|notes=no)) – hides the footnotes
  • ((IPA pulmonic consonants|affricates=no)) – hides the affricates
  • ((IPA pulmonic consonants|class=mw-collapsible)) – appears collapsible
  • ((IPA pulmonic consonants|class=mw-collapsible mw-collapsed)) – appears collapsed

When editing this template, make sure it works not just by itself but also in ((IPA navigation)) and with the options above.