Voiceless retroflex trill
IPA Number125 674 122 402A
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The voiceless retroflex trill is a sound that has been reported to occur as a diaphoneme of /ʂ/ in the Maldivian language.[1] Although the tongue starts out in a sub-apical retroflex position, trilling involves the tip of the tongue and causes it to move forward to the alveolar ridge; this means that the retroflex trill gives a preceding vowel retroflex coloration the way other retroflex consonants do, but the vibration itself is not much different from an alveolar trill.

Wahgi has a similar trilled allophone of its lateral flap, [𝼈̥r̥].


Features of the voiceless retroflex trill:


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Dhivehi Some dialects[2] 'cutting' /koɽ̊͜r̊ani/ May be a flap. Corresponds to /ʂ/ in other dialects. See Dhivehi phonology.


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