Voiced palatal implosive
IPA Number164
Audio sample
Entity (decimal)ʄ
Unicode (hex)U+0284
Braille⠦ (braille pattern dots-236)⠔ (braille pattern dots-35)⠚ (braille pattern dots-245)

The voiced palatal implosive is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is  ʄ , and the equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is J\_<. Typographically, the IPA symbol is a dotless lowercase letter j with a horizontal stroke (the symbol for the voiced palatal stop) and a rightward hook (the diacritic for implosives). A very similar-looking letter, ⟨ ƒ ⟩ (an ⟨f⟩ with a tail), is used in Ewe for /ɸ/.


Features of the voiced palatal implosive:


Language Dialect Word IPA Meaning Notes
Fula[1] [ʄetugol] 'to take'
Konso[2] [ʄapʄap] ‘to rot/decay completely’
Serer[3] ƈaar/ࢢَارْ [ʄaːɾ] 'to have ringworm' Contrasts /ɓ̥, ɗ̥, ʄ̊, ɓ, ɗ, ʄ/.
Somali[4] Maay Maay [example needed]
Swahili jana [ʄana] 'yesterday' In free variation with /dʒ/
Saraiki ڄاݨݨ [ʄɑ̃ɽəɳ] 'know'
Sindhi ڄِڀَ [ʄɪbʱə] 'tongue'
Tunni[5] [ʄoːɡ] 'to stay'

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