Voiceless uvular implosive
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A voiceless uvular implosive is a rare consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨ʛ̥ ⟩ or ⟨qʼ↓⟩. A dedicated IPA letter, ⟨ʠ⟩, was withdrawn in 1993.



A voiceless uvular implosive has been claimed for several Mayan languages.

Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Kaqchikel[1][full citation needed] ijobʼäl [ʛ̥iχoˈɓəɬ] 'watch, clock' In word final position, [ʛ̥] is in free variation with [qʼ]; elsewhere only [ʛ̥] appears. See Kaqchikel language.
Mam[2] ootj [ʛ̥oːtʰχ] 'dough'
Uspantek[3] jq’aab [χʛ̥aːpˀ] 'his/her hand' [ʛ̥] is in free variation with [qˀ] in all positions.

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