Jiao–Liao Mandarin
RegionShandong and Liaodong
Native speakers
35 million (2019)[citation needed]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
ISO 639-6jliu
huab1238  Central Plain Guanhua

Jiaoliao or Jiao–Liao Mandarin (simplified Chinese: 胶辽官话; traditional Chinese: 膠遼官話; pinyin: Jiāo–Liáo Guānhuà), sometimes referred to as Peninsular Mandarin, is a primary dialect of Mandarin Chinese, spoken on the Jiaodong Peninsula, from Yantai to Qingdao, Ganyu District in northeastern Jiangsu and the Liaodong Peninsula, from Dalian to Dandong, and in Mishan, Hulin, Fuyuan & Raohe counties of Heilongjiang. Yantai, Dalian, and Weihai dialects are the standard Jiao–Liao Mandarin.[1]


Jiao is short for the Jiao River. Liao is short for the Liaodong Peninsula, and the name Liaodong means "East of the Liao River". (Liao is also an abbreviation used for the city of Liaoyang.)


Distribution of Jiaoliao Mandarin


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