Qiyang dialect
Native toChina
RegionQiyang, Hunan province
Chinese characters
Language codes
ISO 639-3
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The Qiyang dialect (Chinese: 祁阳话; pinyin: Qíyánghuà) is a dialect of Xiang Chinese spoken in Qiyang, Hunan province.


The Qiyang dialect is quite unusual in that it is reported to have two "double contour" tones, high and low fall–rise–fall, or perhaps high fall – low fall and low fall – high fall: the entering tones yin qu (阴去) ˦˨˧˨ (4232) and yang qu (阳去) ˨˩˦˨ (2142). However, phonetically the pitch of a syllable depends on the voicing of the initial consonant, so these are phonemically a single tone. Moreover, the final fall of the yin qu tone is "not perceptually relevant", so it may be that 'dipping' (for yin qu) and 'peaking' (for yang qu) are a sufficient categorization.