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Jinhua dialect
RegionJindong District and the east of Wucheng District, Jinhua
EthnicityHan, She
Native speakers
730,000 (2016)
Language codes
ISO 639-1zh
ISO 639-2chi (B)
zho (T)
ISO 639-3wuu
ISO 639-6jiua
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The Jinhua dialect (Chinese: 金华话/金華話; pinyin: Jīnhuáhuà, Urban-Centre Jinhua dialect IPA: /tɕiŋ334-33 313-45 14/) is a dialect of Wu Chinese spoken in the city of Jinhua, China and the surrounding region in central Zhejiang province.[1] With its largest community of speakers in the eastern Wucheng and Jindong districts of the city, the Jinhua dialect branch has been classified as part of the Wuzhou subfamily[2] of Wu, or as part of the proposed Jinqu subfamily of Wu.[3]


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