Xiangnan Tuhua
Native toChina
Regionsouthern Hunan
  • Chinese
    • (unclassified)
      • Xiangnan Tuhua
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Xiangnan Tuhua (simplified Chinese: 湘南土话; traditional Chinese: 湘南土話; pinyin: Xiāngnán Tǔhuà; lit. 'local languages of southern Hunan'), or simply Tuhua, is an unclassified Chinese variety of southeastern Hunan. It is spoken throughout most of Yongzhou prefecture (apart from Qiyang County in the northeast) and in the western half of Chenzhou prefecture, in which Xiangnan dialects of Southwestern Mandarin are also spoken.[1] There is likely significant non-Chinese influence such as Yao, and it may even have started out as Sinicized Yao.[2]

Xiangnan Tuhua is the language of nüshu, the "women's script" of Jiangyong County in Yongzhou.[3]


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