Native toIndonesia
RegionPapua: Aurina, Harna, Lereh, Masta, and Wes villages on the Nawa River
Native speakers
(450 cited 1995)[1]
  • Narau
Language codes
ISO 639-3bpp
Map: The Kaure, Kapori, and Kosare languages of New Guinea
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Kaure is a Papuan language of West Papua. It is spoken in the villages of Lereh, Harna, Wes, Masta, and Aurina.[2][3]

Narau is either a dialect or a closely related language. It is known from a short word list in Giël (1959).[4] Texts include Auri et al. (1991).[5]



The Kaure consonants are:[6]: 456 

Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n
Plosive voiceless p t k
voiced ᵐb ⁿd ʤ
Fricative s h
Liquid l
Semivowel w j


The Kaure vowels are:[6]: 456 

Front Back
Close i, y
Mid e o
Open a


Like the Lakes Plain languages, Kaure is a tonal language. There are two tones, namely high and low.[6]: 456 

Monosyllabic minimal pairs showing phonemic tone contrast include:

In multisyllabic words, only one stressed syllable carries full tone contrasts, while the other syllables are "neutral" or toneless.[6]: 456 

Multisyllabic minimal sets include:


Attested pronouns are 1sg wẽ, 2sg hane, 1pl nene. The 2sg form resembles Mek *ka-n, and 1pl resembles Pauwasi numu~nin, but apart from that little can be said.

Kaure pronouns listed by Foley (2018) are:[6]

Independent Possessive prefixes
1excl wen na-
1incl nene nene-
2 hane ha-
3 nene ne-

Kaure pronouns are not specified for number, just like in Nimboran.[6]

Kaure–Kapori hypothesis

Voorhoeve (1975) suggested that Kaure was related to Kapori and Kosare, two otherwise unclassified languages. However, subsequent evaluations have not found any significant connections (Rumaropen 2006, Wambaliau 2006).


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