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Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee
ChairpersonZodintluanga Ralte
HeadquartersAizawl, Mizoram
Youth wingMizoram Youth Congress
Women's wingMizoram Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee
ECI StatusA State Unit of Indian National Congress.
AllianceUnited Progressive Alliance
Seats in Lok Sabha
0 / 1
Seats in Rajya Sabha
0 / 1
Seats in Mizoram Legislative Assembly
1 / 40

Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (or Mizoram PCC) is the wing of Indian National Congress serving in Mizoram.[1] It is responsible for organizing and coordinating the party's activities and campaigns within the state, as well as selecting candidates for local, state, and national elections in Mizoram. The current president of the Mizoram PCC is Lalsawta . The committee has been a major political force in Mizoram since the formation of the state in 1987, having won several state elections and held power for long periods of time.

Mizoram Legislative Assembly election

Year Party leader Seats won Change
in seats
1972 Laisanguala
6 / 30
Increase New Opposition
1978 -
0 / 30
Decrease6 Opposition
1979 C. L. Ruala
5 / 30
Increase 5 Opposition
1984 Pu Lalthanhawla
20 / 30
Increase 15 Government
13 / 40
Decrease 7 Opposition
23 / 40
Increase 10 Government
16 / 40
Decrease7 Government
6 / 40
Decrease 10 Opposition
12 / 40
Increase 6 Opposition
32 / 40
Increase 20 Government
34 / 40
Increase 2 Government
5 / 40
Decrease24 Opposition
2023 Lalsawta
1 / 40
Decrease4 Opposition

Office Bearers

The Elected Office Bearers of Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee are:[2]

Structure and Composition

S.No. Name Designation Incharge
01 Lalsawta


Mizoram Pradesh Congress
02 Lal Thanzara Sr. Vice President
Mizoram Pradesh Congress
03 Lalnunmawia Chuaungo Vice President
Mizoram Pradesh Congress
04 Dr Lalmalsawma Nghaka Treasurer
Mizoram Pradesh Congress


For about 300 years till 1952, the Mizo people were ruled by the autocratic and hereditary Chiefs. This system was upheld by the British Administration with supervision by the British officers. From the 1920s there had been pent up desire for a political change and for representative form of government. But any signs of Democratic movement were promptly suppressed by the British rulers. For the first time the administration allowed Political organisation in 1946, and the Mizo Union party was immediately formed. The Mizo Union movement soon won the support of the Mizo people. The policy of this party was to away with hereditary and autocratic rule and instead introduce a representative form of government. The aspirations of the people and those of the National Leaders of the INC were similar. The Mizo Union opposed some sporadic attempts of certain groups who advocated Mizoram Independence. Members of the Assam Legislature from the Mizo Union joined the Congress Parliamentary Party in the Assam Assembly. There was however, a rift between the Mizo Union and the Assam State Level Congress party from 1959 for various reasons. The Mizo Union finally merged with the Indian National Congress in 1974.[3]

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