Native toChina
Native speakers
20,000 (2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3yiu

Awu (Chinese: 阿务), also known as Lope (autonym: lo214 pʰɯ21[2]), is a Loloish language of China. Awu is spoken in Luxi, Mile, Luoping, and Shizong counties (Ethnologue). It is closely related to Nisu (Lama 2012).[3]

Northern Awu is a distinct language. Ethnologue lists Northern Awu and Southern Awu as dialects.

YYFC (1983)[4] documents Awu (阿乌) as spoken in Jieyupo, Shemu Village, Dongshan Township (东山公社舍木大队捷雨坡村), Mile County, Yunnan.[5]


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