Pronunciation[ji tsʰju]
Native toChina
RegionHonghe County
Native speakers
23,000 (2009)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Yiche (Yicyu; Chinese: 奕车) is a Hanoish language spoken by 23,000 people in Honghe County, Yunnan, China (Lan 2009:11).


Yiche is spoken in the following locations of Honghe County, Yunnan, China (Lan 2009:11).

The Yiche claim that their ancestors had migrated from a village along the shores of Dian Lake near Kunming, and moved south and crossed the Red River (Honghe) after being defeated by other ethnic groups (Lan 2009:3).


Yiche is a Hani language (fangyan 方言) that belongs to the Langza 浪杂 dialect cluster (tuyu 土语) of Honghe County.[4]


The following Yiche words are transcribed by Lan (2009) in pinyin. (Note: ss is equivalent to IPA [z].)

English gloss Chinese gloss Pinyin Page
rabbit tola, li 110
dragon long 110
snake sei 110
horse meng 110
sheep aci, yo 110
monkey joniu, niu 110
chicken aha, ha 110
dog aku, ke 110
pig a'ang, ang 110
ant 蚂蚁 ahu, hu 110
cattle aniu, niu 110
tiger haza, la 110
sticky rice 糯米 honio 110
eat zha 110
one qi 18
household wo 19
person, human co 19
husband 丈夫 niuse ada 19
wife 妻子 niuse ama 19
child 孩子 ssa 22
home yuji, yu 25
small house 小屋 nimssang 37
liquor aba 57
drink do 57


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