Native toChina
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Tsukong (autonym: tsu33 kɔŋ33) is a Loloish language of Yunnan, China. It is closely related to the Coong language of northwestern Vietnam. Tsukong speakers are found in Xishuangbanna Prefecture.


The following phonemes are reported in Udomkool (2006).

Tsukong has twenty-four consonants /p pʰ b m w t tʰ s ts d n l ʃ c cʰ ɲ j k kʰ x g ŋ ʔ h/, 9 vowels /i e æ a ɨ ə u o ɔ/, and 3 diphthongs /əi iu ui/.

Tsukong has a three-tone system. The tones are 35 (mid-rising), 33 (mid), and 31 (mid-falling).